Chiron: A shamanic Initiation 

In this self-paced 3 module workshop, you will learn how to work with your Chiron,

walk your medicinal journey and unlock your deepest calling.

This is a course of a deep shamanic initiation through the understanding of the Chiron archetype

and its unique potential in your natal chart. 

You can learn everything you need to know about your design, your evolutionary journey

and your unique path just by studying Chiron. 

This is going to be a personalised course of understanding Chiron in your house and sign. 

This course will give you a deeper appreciation of the astonishing medicine we carry in our humanness and the sustainable way of aligning with your inner calling in this lifetime.

I can't wait for you to be reminded of the beauty and the miracle you carry in your wounded-ness!

  • Chiron: The wounded healer. How to approach your core wound, your tenderest part.

  • Chiron in the houses and signs. 

  • Working with the Archetypes, the primary template of your psyche. 

  • The medicine of Chiron as your inner calling: Walking the medicinal path. 

  • Integrating the teaching: The path of Mastery. 

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