8-Week Program

This is your initiation into an entirely new

way of being through a highly personalized coaching program based on your Gene Keys and Astrology blueprints. 

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  • Are you still NOT 100% clear about your life’s work and life’s purpose?

  • Have you given up on creating financial freedom while doing the thing you love most – following your passion?

  • Are you feeling defeated by the hurt your relationships have caused?

  • Are you simply tired of walking in life clueless, lacking a proper manual, and wondering why we are not born with a user’s guide, a clear map to help us navigate this maze we call life?

  • If you checked some or all of those boxes then keep reading

I have good news for you! 

You are born encoded deep inside the coils of your DNA with unique and specific pathways – a map, that once revealed will lead you

towards your highest truth, potentials and your highest destiny. 



This is the possibility that your design holds for you.


You have a beautiful timeless code to help you decipher the many myths that make up your human destiny. 


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“We do not have a certain “fate” because we were born at a particular time, but we are born at a particular time because we have a certain self-generated destiny to work out.”

This Program is carefully designed

based on the integration of your GENE KEYS and ASTROLOGY charts –

a very rare and unique synthesis of the two most fascinating ancient systems.  


We will go deeper than you’ve ever been into your most refined essence by weeding out all that is obscuring your light so you can shine in every direction: your sense of self, career, and social & personal relationships. 


The reason this is a private one-on-one program and not an online course, is because general techniques do not apply for everyone. We are uniquely designed.



 Have you ever wondered why you still feel stuck

and not progressing in life the way you want, even after applying all kinds of

self-development knowledge? 


 It is because every person is born with different coding keys that open the doorways to self-liberation. 


The keys of your design are the cracks within the Maya that let the light in and eventually break down the illusion.


It is all in your DNA, you are born with it.


When you stop looking outwardly and start exploring your inner landscape, you will find your way.


I will work with you to unlock your keys and open the doors to a world you only dreamed existed.

I want to support you not only to find your purpose but also to create lucid and nurturing relationships and generate financial prosperity using your design – unlocking it from within.

Work with me over 8 weeks to achieve your life's breakthrough to the next level.

Once you unlock your potentials, everything changes.


This is a rare opportunity to invest in you because you are deserving of such initiation.


I will passionately guide you along the path to fall in love with your exquisite design, attract fulfilling lasting relationships, and create prosperity while serving the world by doing the thing you love most. 


And while we’re at it, I will give you the complete outlook of the current and future Astrological transits – how they impact your life, and how to make the best out of them.


Your destiny is calling you back home! 

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You know what I say … if I can do it, so can you! 


I too was once trapped inside of my shell, repeating the same patterns through unfulfilling and even destructive relationships, stuck and lacking the understanding of my true purpose and vocation in life, and most importantly judging and doubting myself on the regular.


Not until diving into my own design revealed my true nature, my hidden patterns and the ways to break out of them, my life’s purpose, and the essentials for the evolution of my soul, have I fully liberated myself and leapt into the other side – the higher dimensions of daily Bliss. 


You will 


  • Activate your main key, the essence of your biography that will open up all the other doorways. 


  • Define and Master the primary challenges/blockages of your life and transform them into your best allies.


  • Refine the essentials and Clarify your life’s purpose (hint: you will find it in the most unexpected places). 


  • Root and Ground into your physical body and start radiating your gifts – here your face will literally start to glow. 


  • Identify your sexual, mental, emotional and spiritual subconscious patterns, and defence mechanisms, and Master the art of transmutation of limiting beliefs. 


  • Enter the manifestations of your highest form of prosperity and Answer to your inner calling – vocation


  • Draw your allies, your fractal line, to assist and support you in achieving your vocation.


  • Peek into the future in a non-linear time fashion through an overview of your current and future astrological transits and Harness their full potentials. 


  • Reach your Pearl, your harvest, the crystallization of all the Pathways you bravely and successfully crossed. 

Your Destiny is calling you back home!

 8-Week Program


•  8 Weekly Sessions, 60 minutes each, via video calls. 

  • Unlimited access with me between calls via private chat for support and text-based coaching.