4-Week Program

In this one-on-one Program, you will learn how to


• Master your inner reality

• Improve your relationships

 • Grow personally and professionally


by releasing the limiting subconscious patterns so as to upgrade your human experience. 

Create a deeper pulse embodiment of your design through 4-week program as we more profoundly focus on the three different sequences of the Gene Keys : Activation, Venus and Pearl.

Week 1


During the first week, we will set the foundation for your journey of transformation. I will orient you back into your physical body. We will walk the path of challenges, breakthroughs and core stability, identifying and igniting your life’s work (career), evolution, radiance and purpose. 

You will learn that your life’s work and purpose are not only an external journey but a deep-seated knowing in your DNA. We will activate your sense of purpose as it is the most vital element for your happiness.  

Week 2


Here we start the journey of the heart. We will reveal your limiting subconscious patterns and the ancestral wounds you inherited at birth that are motivating all of your relationships, creating difficulties and dramas. 

Those subconscious defence patterns have tricked you into believing that they protect you while building walls around you, obscuring your light! 

This is one of the most profound journeys. As we contemplate your patterns, the change will come in ways that you did not expect. It will erupt and shake up everything you’ve known about yourself (tried and tested). 

This week is your week of initiation from DRAMA to DHARMA (your life path).

Week 3


This week will mark a turning point in your life as you discover a final fascinating twist in the tale of your life. A new vision of yourself and the world starts to unfold. 

Here we reach the crescendo of this deep work and catalyze prosperity as you learn how to experience the forces of the highest fortune naturally flowing into your life. 

Week 4


In this last week, you will consciously integrate all the levels of initiations you went through. You will learn how to keep the transmission of the program running in your life. You will learn how to holistically integrate your design seamlessly into your daily life. 

4-Week Program

•  4 weekly sessions, over 1 month, 60 minutes each, via video calls. 

•  Unlimited access with me between calls via private chat for support and text-based coaching.