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Master Yourself

We don't need more techniques so much as we need a compassionate mentor who can see into us what we sometimes fail to see, awaken our highest activations, and hold a solid and loving space for our growth.

I am here to guide you to your true ecstatic self. Then I will help you externalise, materialise, and express your new expanded self into the world.

In 4 weeks, we will more profoundly focus on the three different sequences of the Gene Keys: Activation, Venus and Pearl and your soul evolutionary intention in your Astrology blueprint.

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Master your Life

This 6 week program is carefully designed based on the integration of your Gene Keys and Astrology charts, a very rare and unique synthesis of the two most fascinating ancient systems. We will go deeper than you’ve ever been into your most refined essence by weeding out all that is obscuring your light so you can shine in every direction: your sense of self, career, social and personal relationships.


Master your Superabundance

An 8 week Journey with me.

You want an impactful life that answers your inner calling, makes a difference in the world, and creates a superabundant life. I cut through the noise and show you how to make it happen. I show you the exact steps to anchor your vision of superabundance into reality through the only sustainable way. We are going deep because difficulties with money are rarely about the money.