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The Tribe 


Enter Your rEvolutionary Year 

Your best year must START NOW!

The Tribe is a  Community Container of bright souls committed 

to a complete Reset  Rebirth journey into a rEvolutionary lifestyle

Emerging from such intense year (2020) requires a Radical Solution

a total Rebirth

and an inner Revolution that expands to touch every corner of your life.

You must decide right NOW if these difficult times are going to define you,


if you're going to Emerge into an entirely New Expanded Timeline. 


You are now at a crossroad!

Will you cross the Rubicon pass the point of no return 

into an Revolutionary year

As we enter one of the most Evolutionary years of our times?

You can’t afford to wait for the world to go back to normal. 

Your wildest life awaits your action.

Make the choice of your lifetime NOW:

Be stuck


Get Struck by the outstanding lightening of Awakening.

What makes the Tribe Year so incredible?

We are entering an Aquarian year.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

Uranus functions outside time & space as we know them and represents the quantum, non-linear, illogical and wildest leap in consciousness. 

And You CAN catch this Aquarian Quantum Wave,

given that your subconscious is capable of holding such exponential growth.

I will show you how to do it!

 You don't have to do it alone.  

This is an opportunity of a lifetime that you don't want to miss. 

One decision can change EVERYTHING!

The Beauty of this Emergence from the Plutonion underground is that

you can reshape your reality from its source: Your Infinite Mind.

The Tribe year will be changing lives.
Are you going to be there to experience it? 

The Tribe Year is a Revolution,
a Reset,
A major shift of identity anyone can make.

This is for you if: 

  • Deep within you you know that there's more to life than just to survive and suffer hardships.

  • You have tried to control reality but nothing seems to work .

  • You have no idea what you want, why you're here, and what the heck is happening.

  • You know what you want but you are scared. 

  • Your life is ok but you wonder if that's all there is.  

  • You know that you are the one divine being yet you are stuck on the intellectual understanding and you want to feel and integrate your Godhood.

  • You have a touch of curiosity and a sense of ultra-dimensional adventurousness to go beyond the average conventional reality. 

*If you checked some or all of those boxes then congratulations for being ready to cross over like a hero!

You are in the right place. Please continue reading!

The wonderful people of the Tribe who worked with me want to share their experiences with you.

A 5 Week Intimate Group Training 

a BONUS 1-on-1 Gene keys & Astrology Consultation Session with me 

The Emergent is an urgent necessity and its time is NOW

  • Are you ready to shift to a reality so exalted that it seems out of this world?

  • Are you ready to turn on to the highest channel of your design, live at the zenith of human existence, harness the miracle and see a world in a grain of sand? 

  • Are you ready to live the life of a Genius, a Pioneer and a Poet?

  • Are you ready to be The Emergent. 

Ending this sorry mess involves one simple thing: emerging out of the seeming separate existence into

the one infinite being.


This is the natural curve of our human evolution and revolution.


Are you one of the rare and the brave who will ride it and rise to the state of the Emergent?

I have good news for you! ​

You are designed for extraordinary Peak Experiences.


This Training will teach you how to allow these experiences in your everyday life. 

Peak experience, Peak performance, Peak reality are only the beginning,

the first glimpse of what is possible as you become THE EMERGENT.

The ordinary world is also an option and a choice and have deceived you long enough.

 It is up to you to say enough!

I am ready! 

Registration is NOW open for a very Small & Intimate Group of Emergents

What you will get:


  • 6 Weekly Group Sessions 

  • A Bonus 45 min Private Session with me to unlock the potentiality  of your Gene keys and Astrology Charts

  • Q&A, Home Practices and Continuous Support in between Sessions.

I want to be radically honest with you. 


I cannot promise that you will reach what is known as full liberation,

that moment remains unique to your journey and the mystery of such moment obeys only itself.

Yet I promise you that I will save you 20-30 years of the learning curve

and will ensure that you won't waste any time getting to your desired state of being.

You will experience yourself and life in a way

that have never occurred to you.


You will experience a major shift in identity both transcending and empowering the individual.

You will glimpse life beyond the mundane and slip into

an alternate timeline: the real reality of infinite consciousness.

You will emerge from illusionism, the sleepwalker state and become  hyper aware of the infinite possibilities that hide in plain sight.

If you'd like to master all this in a relatively short amount of time, this training is for you.

I can write endless essays about what I and my students have experienced and seen

yet the real thing is indescribable

and must be experienced first hand

just as the blind sees colors for the first time and the bird takes its first flight

Module 1

Emergent Awareness

In the first week, you you will be able to rapidly gain a direct experience of your Limitless and Eternal Self—total freedom—as well as your true potentials. You will effortlessly release the secondhand beliefs about yourself and the aching self-limitations.

 Forget about years of meditation. Recognising your godhood will happen in a holy instant that is always NOW. 

This week will leave you with no experiential doubt that you and all things are the One infinite limitless being. 

Module 2

Emergent Dream 

In this module, you will train your senses to shift from perceiving a mortal dream of sickness and despair to the real reality that arises in you as you in infinite potentials. 

This week is your gateway to a life beyond the perceptual limitations of the finite mind. 

You will experience first hand that this whole world is but a magic trick, a dreamspell and what lies beyond such deception is the most outstanding truth that you are FREE.

Module 3

Emergent Genius

In this week you will experience the emergent of your sudden Genius.

You will  go beyond you current mental linear capacity to tap into the dimensionless genius: the source of all creativity and extraordinary existence.


You will open up the doorway to infinite prospering where you are no longer bounded to a limited world of quantities.


You will learn how to embrace the mystical flow state where all dimensions get coordinated leaving you in an all consuming calmness and joy to the point of ecstasy.  

Module 4

Emergent Bliss

In this module, you will learn how to turn reactivity into limitless creative resources, 

how to harness the boundless gifts that shine through the crack of any crisis and turn it into your boundless assets,


how to generate a profound blissful state in your day to day life. 

Module 5

Emergent Body

In this module, you will change how you interpret and feel your body changing its current state to the extraordinary abilities of being in a human form.

You will move your understanding of non-duality from the intellect down to your bones and hormones, activating the physical components of bliss and joyfully rehearsing it until it becomes your natural state. 

The Emergent Teacher 

 An Extra Module will be given if you are in the business of online teaching. 

 You will learn how to expand your teaching through practical steps and align with the  right students devoted to Truth. 

THe Emergent

Join before December 1st and Save 50%

$1770     $888

one-time investment

(best value)

3-month Payment Plan is available before September 30


3 monthly investments 

6-month Payment Plan is available before September 30


6 monthly investments 

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