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Teaching & Mentoring

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About Me

An Author, experienced Life Mentor, non-dual Teacher, Gene Keys Ambassador and Astrologer


Hello, I'm Fida.

I have mentored hundreds of people over the years and initiated hundreds of souls into an entirely new way of being. 

I am not here to guide you, I am here to initiate you.
 I will help you fall in love with your uniqueness, embrace your gifts and execute your vocation.
Every human being is born with a unique melody to add to the symphony of life.
My job is to remind you of it.
Your job is to be it.

Work with me

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1 on 1 Session –  Astrology Consultation

Take your life to the next level! In a one-on-one session, we will investigate your Astrology charts, and enter your fascinating inner landscape. I will assist you in identifying your core values, clarifying your life purpose, awakening the different aspects of your genius and show you how you are best designed to be, do, and become. As you learn to see inwardly into your own design and personality blueprints, you will start gaining creative awareness for every situation and challenge in your life.

Mentoring Programs

This is the most profound Mentoring journey you embark on, an initiation into an entirely new way of being through a highly personalized life program based on your Gene Keys, Astrology and Human Design blueprints. Work with me over 4 weeks, or 8 weeks, to achieve your life's breakthrough to the next level. You heard the call! I will passionately guide you along the path to fall in love with your exquisite design, harness your power, and create prosperity while serving the world by doing the thing you love most. Your destiny is calling you back home!

What People Say

John Spender


"I recently went through the ancient Gene Keys process with Fida. It was a deep and profound experience, diving into my own blueprint of consciousness. All the while being expertly guided by Fida who is simply an angel. I was impressed not only with her level of care, but also her endless knowledge of what could be a complicated experience. She was able to simplify my chart, so I could easily process the information. If you are looking for an insightful way to experience yourself, I can tell you that Fida is the best person to take you on such a journey."

Naomi Hadarian


"Thank you so much Fida it was great!

Especially the tools to deal with the negative and make it positive. It was so spot-on and totally me. Not 70 or 80% what I have had with other sorts of readings ( I did many because I want to understand myself) but really 100%. I didn't know it would be possible. But Gene Keys is very solid. And it shows. I am always taken by the fact that ancient old knowledge like this can be so spot-on. Why did we forget? "

Robert Bengtson

Robert Bengtson.jpg

"Dear Fida.

Thank you again for such a spot-on, life-affirming session. Hearing your overview, perspectives and insights on my particular life's path inspired aspects within me towards greater presence and surrender amidst this journey of self-discovery / self-creation. Indeed, may we all continue to shine Light onto our Shadows and contribute our best selves to this grand experiment of this Human Experience!"



"So insightful and inspiring! Fida was very professional and helped me understand the mechanics of the chart. I was able to follow along perfectly as she demystified each piece, which was mind-blowing the say the least. It has been very helpful integrating all the awareness she brought me last month. I feel happier and more empowered to say the least. What I appreciate the most about the way she read my chart is that there wasn’t even an ounce of projection. None of her personal thoughts, opinions, or experiences seeped into the reading causing confusions and accidental misleads. I highly recommend you get a reading from her. You will understand yourself so much deeper. Her guidance is so clear and will make perfect sense, thus you can integrate it into your life immediately! Thank you Fida!"

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