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astrology for marketing

Marketing With Your Astrological Signature

Stand out in the Digital Space

and Turn Followers into Soul-clients 

6-Module Online Course + Bonuses

Welcome! By arriving on this page, you've already separated yourself from the masses. You're part of the 1% that recognizes the power of astrology in creating a unique market presence.

Sounds familiar?

→ You’ve tried every traditional (and decent) marketing strategy, but they keep failing you

→ You refuse to sell your soul (rightfully so) to the dark side of marketing

→ You cringe at the icky sales approach and self-centrism tactics on social media

→ The chances are you're really good at what you do. Yet, your message is lost, leaving your audience confused about how you can help them

→ You’re overwhelmed with conflicting advice and this constant noise drowns out your true voice, preventing you from effectively reaching your audience


→ You're stuck, watching your sales going down along with your motivation

→ You just want to be yourself, share your extraordinary gifts, and create wealth on your own terms

 If any of these strikes a chord, it’s time for a revolutionary shift, for something deeply authentic:

Marketing with your unique astrological signature.

 Tell me honestly: Are You Invisible to Your Ideal Client?


You’re not getting the clients you deserve because you’re practically invisible to them. Your potential customers may have no idea you exist. This means lost opportunities, less income, and underwhelming impact.


This invisibility is costing you dearly. If you truly care about creating sustainable wealth and transforming lives, you must take action—NOW.

You're a creator at heart. You have the talent, the drive, the brilliance. Yet, somehow, your voice is unheard, your vision unseen, your offerings unsold, it's not for lack of effort, no. You've tried everything, hired the mentor, bought the course, yet you didn’t have your breakthrough. Your true voice remains buried under layers of doubt.

Let's change that.

Introducing Astrology for Marketing

Introducing Astrology for Maketing – more than a mere training, it's a revolution. This course leverages the power of astrology to uncover your authentic voice, elevate your digital presence, and turn your content into consistent sales.

In this course, you will:

  • Unlock the Power of your Voice: Harness the unique traits of your astrological signature to communicate your offer and how you can help your clients with unprecedented clarity and impact. 


  • Create Lasting Impact: Forge a psychological connection with your audience, turning passive observers into dedicated soul-clients.

  • Harness Strategic Timing: Utilize cosmic timing to launch your initiatives when the universe aligns, maximizing visibility and success with minimal resistance.

  • Receive the Ultimate BONUS: Gain exclusive access to copy-paste ready content examples tailored especially for your astrological makeup.


  • Grow Within a Community: Join a supportive online community where you receive guidance from me personally and learn alongside like-minded creators.

  • Beyond Business – A Journey of Healing: This training is designed to take your online business to unprecedented success—that's a promise. But its impact reaches deeper. It's about being seen and heard for your unique soul and gifts – a journey of profound healing, one that your inner child will thank you for it. Do not deny them this opportunity.

And the best part?


Suitable for all astrology levels: You don't need to be an astrology expert to see massive results. Whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned pro, in this course, I will meet you exactly where you are and guide you to authentic marketing mastery.

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How this course will transform your reality 


To get more clients, you must be impossible to ignore. You need to be seen.


This course will turn your business into an unstoppable sales machine. By harnessing your unique astrological blueprint, you’ll experience an explosive increase in sales. As your sales skyrocket, you’ll touch more lives and achieve soul-deep satisfaction. This course obliterates your “not enough sales” problem forever.


In essence, I will teach you how to make strangers eager to buy your offerings.

fida fadel astrologer

Hello. I'm Fida. And I deeply understand your struggle.

As I introduce this training, I want you to know this: I will help you shed deep-seated limiting narratives that have been blocking your voice and reclaim your authentic expression.

I’m not merely inviting you to write and speak better and transform audience to soul-clients, that’s a given. We’re going deeper.

This is about reclaiming the power residing in your vocal cords, and rise from the ashes of your former self.

I'm speaking from experience!

Back in 2018, I discovered my unique signature using these very principles. This revelation transformed my presence on social media, built a thriving business, and created a community of soul-clients.


My clients will enthusiastically write testimonials and spread the word about my offerings, without me even having to ask. All because they've experienced deep inner-transformation, soaring sales and flourishing businesses.


I've guided hundreds to align with their life's mission, connecting them with their destined audience. For there's nothing more soul-crushing than living without purpose.


Now, it's your turn.


This is beyond business; it's about making a positive impact, leaving the world better than you found it. You're here to share your unique gift, and this journey is here to ensure it's received by the world.


No need to empty your pockets on coaches and courses. What I'm about to teach you is so profound, accessible, and guaranteed to deliver immediate, life-changing results.

Your Time is Now!


For a limited time, gain access to the pre-recorded training

 at the special rate of just $37 (value over $770) 

This isn't just another training; it's a journey to your true self.

A journey where your inner child rejoices in the fulfillment of your fundamental human right - to be heard, to be seen, to be valued.

*This course is suitable for all astrology levels*

astrology marketing results

Value over $770

Now for Only $37

Gain access to 6 on-demand Modules &
Exclusive Bonuses When You Enrol Today

Inside the Course: 


Module 1: Mercury – The Archetype and Myth


• Master Your Marketing Archetype: Channel the essence of Mercury to craft communications that captivate, resonate, and leave a lasting impact. Transform your messaging into a magnetic force that draws your audience in and keeps them engaged.


Module 2: Elemental Sign of Mercury


• Amplify Your Voice: Dive into the elemental power of your Mercury sign. Master techniques to align your messaging with your most creative angles, ensuring clarity, power, and authenticity in every word. Amplify your influence by making your voice distinctly yours.


Module 3: Mercury in the Houses


• Dominate the Marketplace: Position your brand with precision based on Mercury’s house placement. Stand out boldly and authentically, cutting through the noise and establishing a commanding presence in a crowded marketplace.


Module 4: Mercury-Sun Combination


• Unlock Your Creative Genius: Master the dynamic synergy of Mercury & the Sun to align with your inner authority. Identify and harness your peak creative times to ensure your work is always infused with brilliance and energy.


Module 5: Mercury Aspects for Connection


• Forge Unbreakable Bonds: Connect deeply and meaningfully with your audience on a psychological level. Build strong, lasting relationships that drive engagement and foster unwavering loyalty.


Module 6: Transformative Assignment


• Engage in reflective writing and creative expression to uncover and heal the stories that have shaped your voice. Empower yourself to share your voice confidently and authentically, transforming your marketing from ordinary to extraordinary.

*This course is suitable for all astrology levels*

Exclusive Bonuses When You Enroll Today

Bonus 1: Ultimate Guide – Hermes eBook

Gain access to the ultimate guide Hermes Book: Unlock the comprehensive eBook, your definitive guide to integrating astrological insights with your marketing strategy. This guide is packed with actionable steps, powerful tips, and copy-paste ready content examples tailored especially for your astrological makeup. It’s your go-to resource for aligning your marketing efforts with the cosmos and achieving extraordinary results.

marketing with astrology course

Bonus 2: 12 Secret Steps

Gain insider access to the 12 Secret Steps that form the backbone of successful astrological marketing. Each step is crafted to help you align your business with your true potential and achieve a seamless flow of success.

marketing with astrology course

Bonus 3: Personal Support via Telegram

Join our exclusive Telegram group and connect with me directly. This is your opportunity to receive personalized guidance, ask questions, and share your progress with like-minded entrepreneurs. Benefit from real-time support, additional insights, and a community dedicated to mutual growth and success. Your journey to marketing mastery is just a message away.


“I’m new to Astrology, is this training for me?”:

✅ No problem! Our program is crafted for both the budding novice and the seasoned professional.

“Will it suit my niche?”: 

✅ This course is designed to amplify your unique style, ensuring a perfect fit for your niche.

“But my life is Already Hectic!”

✅ I get it. That’s why this course molds to your schedule, making learning convenient and stress-free. This is on-demand course! All sessions are pre-recorded and yours forever.

“I’m disappointed by Past Effort!”

✅ This is an innovative approach that’s nothing like you’ve experienced before.

“I’m budget Tight!”

✅ Investing in yourself shouldn’t cost the earth. This is an incredibly affordable investment!

Join the community where your voice is heard and valued.


  • Access to the pre-recorded 6-module course (value $550)

  • The Ultimate Guide e-book (value $110)

  • The 12 Secret Steps (value $110)

  • Community Support (priceless)

That's a total value of: $770


(this course was initially priced at $200 when delivered live)

Don't Miss This Limited-Time Offer!


 It's time to stop questioning your worth and start     creating from a place of deep alignment. 

Upon joining, you will receive a confirmation email with the access details for the Training within 12 hours of your purchase (check your spam folder). If you have any questions, contact us:

*This course is suitable for all astrology levels*

marketing with astrology course

Hermes Rising

Initially priced at $200 when delivered Live


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