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Beyond your Design 

12-Module  Online Course

Through 12 recorded Sessions,

I guide you through a complete re-thinking and re-purposing that will produce outstanding results as we dive into the gene keys & the depth of your existence.

About the Course 

This is a profound comprehensive journey through the Gene keys Activation Sequence

also known as the Incarnation Cross - Your Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance, and Purpose. 


Join Fida in this wild adventure through your design and reach Beyond your Design

as you put down the cross (guilt & victimhood) and reclaim your creator's space,

where you inherently belong because of who you are.

This is a role to be fully accepted and in this acceptance lies your permanent peace and joy. 


Along with the profound exploration of the activation sequence,

this course takes you further deep into the Quantum Reality in an attempt to free the mind

from its own perceptual limitations,

combined with Master tools for integration:

Kundalini Yoga practice, Guided Meditation, and Technique to release anxiety. 


Through 12 recordings of Live sessions,

Fida guides you through a complete re-thinking and re-purposing

that will produce miraculous results and a quantum expansion. 

  • Session 1 – Introduction & Oriontation

& a Tool: opening a Time Portal.


  • Session 2 – The Foundation of Awakening

& Guided Meditation ‘The One."


  • Session 3 – Bonus Session: Crash course the Gene keys.


  • Session 4 – Life’s Work - Beyond Career

Living at your Zenith as you tap into the effortless accomplishment of being and doing You. 


  • Session 5 – Cultivating Quantum Awareness 

“It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.”

Peeking through the looking glass in a Metaphysical

Time-bending Session to liberate your mind from its perceptual error of separation. 


  • Session 6 – Evolution - The Edge of your Life 

& Technique to release anxiety. 


  • Session 7 – Radiance - Re-invent your Body. 

By unlocking the true function of the body you free yourself from its neuroses and lift its condition

to its optimal health and beauty 

& a Kundalini yoga meditation for a Radiant Body. 


  • Session 8 – Purpose 

Everyone wants to know their purpose, you can’t get rid of this urge. It’s like an implant, a longing to understand, a reason of being

that will only settle down when you know, live and become your true function.

  • Session 9 –   False Romance. True Romance.

  • Session 10 – The Purpose in Relationships in the Gene keys.

  • Session 11 – Kundalini yoga & Guided journey

  • Session 12 – Q&A


All the Sessions are designed to bring about Self realisation. 


These Sessions offer a dynamic teaching and an active demonstration that Permanent Peace and the Experience of Unity can become your Reality.


From the comfort of your home, join like-minded community devoted to remember our Divine inheritance. 


You will immerse yourself in a profound heart-opening and mind-expanding experience of awakening through practical applications of the Love principle. 


Note: Participation may result in an outstanding and complete shift in perception and life. 

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