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Cosmic Surgery: A journey with Pluto

This is a cosmic surgery! 

 Because it is in the underground of your being that your most precious jewels are hidden. 

Prepare yourself to go deep, deeper than you've ever gone before. This is a journey of death & rebirth. What lies at the core of your plutonic journey is the birth of your genius, your utmost power and your deep and lasting fulfilment in this lifetime. This is the missing piece of the puzzle! The path of sustained and deep lasting fulfilment!​​​

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Beyond your Design

This is a profound comprehensive journey through the Gene keys Activation Sequence and beyond. 

Through 12 recordings of Live Sessions, Fida guides you through a complete re-thinking and re-purposing that will produce miraculous results and a quantum expansion. 


Chiron: A shamanic journey

In this self-paced 5 module workshop, you will learn how to work with your Chiron, 

walk your medicinal journey and unlock your deepest calling.

​This is a deep shamanic initiation through the understanding and the embodiment of your Chiron archetype 

and its unique potential in your natal chart. 

​You can learn everything you need about your design, your evolutionary journey 

and your medicinal path just by studying Chiron. 


Facing The Beloved

The Fundamentals of Intimate Relating 8 week Training.

Break away from your early relational conditioning that is causing you the most painful heartaches, adjust your psychosomatic patterns in relating to yourself and others, and enjoy the most nurturing bonds in love, friendships and community.​

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