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Online Courses


The Secret Supreme

The 5-week journey that will change your life and unlock the full extent of your potential! Secret Supreme: 5-week 1-on-1 journey with me.

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Hermes Rising

Learn how to harness the power of your astrological signature to stand in the digital space and turn followers into soul-clients. Introducing Hermes Rising – more than a mere training, it's a revolution, leveraging the power of astrology to uncover your authentic, true voice.


The Be-Loved

The Fundamentals of Intimate Relating 8 week Training. Break away from your early relational conditioning that is causing you the most painful heartaches, adjust your psychosomatic patterns in relating to yourself and others, and enjoy the most nurturing bonds in love, friendships and community.​


Chiron: A shamanic journey

In this self-paced 5 module workshop, you will learn how to work with your Chiron, walk your medicinal journey and unlock your deepest calling. This is a deep shamanic initiation through the understanding and the embodiment of your Chiron archetype and its unique potential in your natal chart. You can learn everything you need about your design, your evolutionary journey and your medicinal path just by studying Chiron. 


Foundation Of Heavens

Master the art and science of Astrology. This training offers you a firm and absolute grasp on the art and science of Astrology. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you will navigate life's twists and turns with flow and grace, and build a vocation that is both fulfilling and rewarding. 


Career Astrology

Introducing The Astrology Business Blueprint – a groundbreaking astrology training meticulously designed to guide you towards the pinnacle of vocational and financial fulfillment. This isn't your average training; it's an extraordinary opportunity to tap into the depths of your soul's calling, concealed within your natal astrological chart.​​


Cosmic Surgery: A journey with Pluto

This is a cosmic surgery! This isn't just a journey; it's a cosmic surgery, meticulously crafted to unearth the treasures buried within the very core of your being. Because it is in the underground of your being that your most precious jewels are hidden. Prepare yourself to go deep, deeper than you've ever gone before, navigating through the sacred process of death and rebirth. 

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Beyond your Design

This is a profound comprehensive journey through the Gene keys Activation Sequence and beyond. 

Through 12 recordings of Live Sessions, Fida guides you through a complete re-thinking and re-purposing that will produce miraculous results and a quantum expansion.

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