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The Be-loved 

The Fundamentals of Intimate Relating Training

Free yourself from your early relational conditioning that is causing you the most painful heartaches,

adjust your psychosomatic patterns in relating to yourself and others,

and enjoy the most nurturing bonds in love, friendships and community.

You can spin lifetimes repeating the same cycles and breaking your heart endlessly until the pain or the numbness are no longer bearable



  • Choose to reprogram your relational template

  • Learn how to actually be in a deeply nurturing relationship

  • And then revel in the depth and quality of your connections where you are seen, met and loved as you are.

Which one will you choose boo? 

Your relationship to yourself and others, financial wellness, aspirations, and purpose are all directly informed by a survival psychosomatic template that developed early in life. Yet, this blueprint is not your fate. It can be:

- Identified and understood.
- Refined and adjusted.
- Regulated and transformed, offering a radical shift in your life's quality.

You simply cannot go on in life with the same injured neural narrative and nervous system and expect different results in your relating. That's the definition of insanity! You're going to break your own heart endlessly! 

Break the myth of the human drama! 

This is the training that will save you years of therapy and lifetimes of satsangs. 

Listen beloved!

You can keep calling for the great love all your want! But life will only deliver what matches your neural story and the state of your nervous system. 

Stop wasting your precious energy on visualising and manifesting "your soul mate" and start shifting the neurological narrative imprinted on the psychosomatic level and let the intelligence of life serve you the best!

We Are Wired for Connection:

Did you know
that whenever you relate, the other person is co-regulating your blood pressure, your heart rate, your breath and hormonal secretion? The idea that we must be detached, overly independent and overly self sufficient is NOT true biologically, nor spiritually.


Have you ever experienced turbulence in your relationships?


If your relationships feel like turbulent waters, then, the chances are that you carry an unhealthy attachment core template. But this is not a curse! Rather a brilliant opportunity to reconnect with your authentic self and rebuild a healthy mechanism that magnetises high quality relationships, and ultimately meet the True Beloved within yourself.


Facing the Beloved is your ultimate training infused with subconscious reprogramming hypnotic meditations where I guide you to rewire your body, emotions, mind and soul and absolutely deconstruct and from scratch reconstruct a core relational identity.


Healing is what we are hardwired to achieve.

While all this sounds very psychological and will allow you to have the most nurturing relationships for the rest of your life, there’s an equal mystical opportunity at the heart of this process, where you shed false identities down to your blissful and connected essence.

What would you do if  your relationships are simply easy?

What if your are met in your deepest soul-longing? 

What if Jesus rises from the death with every devout kiss between lovers,

with every hair struck,

with every sensual wanting fulfilled, 

with every time you lift your eyes to face the beloved?


What if it was that simple?

What's inside?

  • 8 pre-recorded sessions - (value $888)

  • 2 hypnotic reprogramming meditations - (value $333)

  • My support via emails - (priceless)

The Curriculum:


First Session – Why does love hurt? The metaphysics of the attachment theory.


Second Session – The 4 types of our adaptive attachment template.

Third Session – Rewriting the past: A shockingly profound hypnotic reprogramming meditation. 

Fourth Session – Put it to work! The 4 practical steps of healing your injured attachment template. 

Fifth Session – Repairing your core relational template: A hypnotic reprogramming meditation.

Sixth Session – Becoming secure, from myth to reality: practical applications.

Seventh Session – Recorded Live  Session – Breaking the spell of the past. Free to love and be-loved. 

Eighth Session  – Recorded Live Q&A

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Now for ONLY $490

Upon joining, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the Course Channel and the password within 12 hours of your purchase (check your spam folder).

If you have any questions, contact us:

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