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The Cosmic Surgery 

Reclaim your Plutonic Power Online Training: 10 Module Course


This is a cosmic surgery!


This isn't just a journey; it's a cosmic surgery, meticulously crafted to unearth the treasures buried within the very core of your being.


Because it is in the underground of your being that your most precious jewels are hidden. 


Prepare yourself to go deep, deeper than you've ever gone before, navigating through the sacred process of death and rebirth. 

What lies at the core of your Plutonic journey is the birth of your genius, your utmost power and your deep and lasting fulfillment in this lifetime.

This is the missing piece of the puzzle!

The path of sustained and deep lasting fulfilment!


If you haven't yet taken the plutonic journey of death and rebirth, are you even living?

Pluto in your chart represents the core intention of your soul in this lifetime and your evolutionary process of metamorphosis.


By stepping into this powerful path, you transition from the shadow of the past into the tangible actualisation of your highest potential. 

What lies at the core of your plutonic journey is the natural birth of the Artist.

Pluto carries a message for you from the beyond... Are you listening?

This journey promises:


  • Discovery of Your Soul’s True Calling: Like a gem emerging from the darkness, unveil your soul's purpose, polished by the forces of transformation.


  • Embracement of Evolutionary Growth: Joyfully embrace your evolutionary process that is meant to serve you in this lifetime.


  • Cathartic Liberation: Experience the greatest catharsis moment, purging outdated internal patterns that are no longer needed.


  • The Universe As Your Ally: You will allow yourself to be held by the compassionate intention of the universe through you.


  • Unprecedented Self-Discovery: Discover yourself in ways you've never imagined before, revealing layers and depths you never knew existed.


  • Authentic Expression: Grant yourself the freedom to be the extraordinary person you're destined to be.

Together, we'll delve into the profound stages of soul evolution, from the primal instincts of survival to the triumphant emergence of the Artist post-rebirth. This comprehensive exploration includes:

  • Claimed by survivalism & desires

  • Surrendering to the darkness & the Rebirth 

  • After Completion: The Birth of the Artist

You will learn about: 


  • Understanding Your Psyche and Desires

  • Navigating the Evolutionary Forces as an Elimination Process

  • Decoding the Stages of Your Plutonic Journey

  • Profound insights into Pluto’s Role in Your Astrological Chart – the evolutionary purpose of your current life

  • Unlocking Your Core Talents Through Pluto's Wisdom: the correlation between Pluto & the vocation sphere in the Gene keys.

  • Embracing the Eris Archetype for Trauma Healing 

  • Have Lifetime access to a powerful guided meditative journey to integrate the process on the subconscious level: A guided meditative journey – The Ultimate Rebirth

Darling, the wheels of Plutonic evolution are already in motion -

with or without your conscious participation.

Choose to embrace this extraordinary journey, fully immersing yourself in its transformative power and profound wisdom.

This is your invitation to an adventure that promises not just growth but a complete metamorphosis into the person you are meant to be.


Are you ready to embrace your ultimate rebirth?

Inside you will find:

  • lifetime access to 8 recorded live sessions ($977 value) 

  • lifetime access to a Guided meditative journey: The Ultimate Rebirth ($111 value)

  • Access to 1 recorded Q&A ($111 value)

  • Access to me personally via text message to support you on this journey for 6 weeks (invaluable!) 

***No prior knowledge in Astrology is required

Limited Time Offer

For Only $440

Upon joining, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the Course Channel and the password within 12 hours of your purchase (check your spam folder). If you have any questions, contact us:

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