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The Foundation Of Heavens  

25-hour Self-paced Astrology Foundation Course

The Ancients looked up to the Heavens seeking answers to life's fundamental and practical questions. This sacred knowledge, once reserved for the enlightened few, is NOW available to you!

Whether you're looking to deepen your personal understanding of your place in the world, or to build a rewarding career in Astrology, This Course is for you. 

Master the art and science of Astrology

This training offers you a firm and absolute grasp on the art and science of Astrology. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you will navigate life's twists and turns with flow and grace, and build a vocation that is both fulfilling and rewarding. 

Demystifying the stars for you

As interest in astrology surges, the need for clear, insightful guidance has never been greater. ‘The Foundation of Heavens’ course cuts through the complexities of astrology, making it accessible and actionable. This course is your path to mastering the craft and building a reputable career in this field.

Course Highlights


Comprehensive Learning System: My students rave about the depth and ease of learning astrology with my structured, clear yet shockingly profound approach. 


Deep-Dive Chart Analysis: Foundation of Heavens goes beyond basic astrology elements to offer a holistic chart reading method. You'll learn to view the entire chart holistically and think like a seasoned astrologer.


Unparalleled Support: I take pride in my absolute dedication to my students! Have an unprecedented access to me via an exclusive telegram group, and a supportive community of astrology enthusiasts. This program offers an unmatched level of student support.


Flexible Learning Options: Tailored to fit every learning style, Foundation of Heavens allows you to customize your study method and pace.


Outstanding Program Feedback: Our alumni unanimously praise the program, with 100% rating it as "Excellent". Students were able to immediately start professionally reading charts upon course completion. 


Lifetime Content Access: Retain lifetime access to all course materials, allowing you to revisit and refine your skills and knowledge whenever needed.


Career Path Empowerment: Learn the secrets of a thriving Astrological career and stand out in the field.


Certified Natal Chart Reading: Successfully complete the program and assignments to earn the Foundation of Heavens Natal Chart Reading Certification. This diploma certifies your ability to apply our chart reading framework effectively, marking you ready for professional chart reading.

What sets The Foundation Of Heavens apart?

  • Immediate Skills Application: Unlike many introductory courses, students of Foundation of Heavens find themselves confidently reading charts immediately after completion. The curriculum is designed to help you interpret charts, applying what you learn to real-life scenarios. 

  • This isn't just another informative course – It is a life initiation into an impactful life that answers your inner calling and makes a difference in the world.

  • My uncompromising mystical yet concretely practical approach to translating the stars.

  • My style in integrating traditional Astrology with evolutionary and psychological Astrology, allowing you to grasp the wisdom of both old and new schools of thought.

  • These are recorded sessions allowing you to study at your own pace while still have my full support via our private telegram group. I'm with you step by step all the way, personally assisting you in your most profound Astrological journey and giving you feedback on your progress.

  • The training is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those who are more acquainted with the Astrological study and are looking to deepen their knowledge and practice.

  • Connecting to a community of Astrology lovers and expanding your Astrological network.


When learned and applied correctly, Astrology serves as a catalyst to the realization of your soul's potential. At The Foundation of Heavens, we offer you the most accessible way to learn, embody, and guide others through the most fascinating system known to humanity. 

 Our self-paced course offers you an unparalleled initiation, not just in the Art of Astrology but in your Soul's Actualization as a student and a teacher of the Art.


This training will launch a lifetime of personal and professional Astrological practice, propelling you to new levels of success.

Dive into 40 comprehensive videos of 25 hours. You will learn:

  • The Foundation of traditional, evolutionary, and psychological Astrology & Philosophy


  • The Astronomical implication: The Celestial mechanics & The logic behind the Astrological structure


  • The Various Elements of the Chart: 


  1. The 12 Zodiacal Archetypes

  2. The Classic and Modern Planets

  3. Essential Dignities & Debilities

  4. Polarities, Elements & Modes

  5. The 12 Houses and the different house systems

  6. The Eclipses, The Lunar Nodes and your Destiny

  7. The Aspects & An Intro into Transits

  • Finding specific answers & the most important elements in the chart


  • The Intuitive Art of putting it all together and cohesively interpreting any chart


  • The Secrets of a Successful Astrological Career


  • The Art of launching and marketing your business 

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Upon joining, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the Course Channel within 24 hours (check your spam folder).


If you have any questions, contact us:

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