The Foundation Of Heavens  

12 week Intensive Astrology Training

The Ancients looked up to the Heavens and sought the fundamental and the practical answers of the universe. 


This sacred knowledge is available to you today!

Whether you aspire to begin your Astrological professional life or to deepen your knowledge of yourself and empower your life in ways you never knew possible, This Training is for you. 

The Foundation Of Heavens Training offers you a firm and absolute grasp on the art and science of Astrology upon which you can master your life and build a professional Astrological Vocation.

Our society has become ripe for Astrology. More and more people are turning towards the stars, seeking answers and insights. Yet for many, Astrology seems mysterious and obscure.


Be one of those who will master the craft and build a credible Astrological career on The Foundation Of Heavens!   

 Step through a cosmic portal into the inner/outer magnificent world 

 of the Archetypes to reclaim your highest existence! 

  • ARE YOU READY to quench your curiosity about the wondrous world of the stars and move beyond the mundane existence as you become fluent with the magickal stellar language?

  • Are you ready to take your current Astrological craft to the absolute next level, begin reading charts like a pro and learn the secrets of a successful Astrological career?


  • Are you ready to restore your connection to the heavens and walk life with a clear map?

  • Are you ready to turn on the highest channel of your design, offer the gift of Astrology to your clients and be an impactful and recognised leader in your field?​​

 If you answer YES to some or all the above questions... This Training is for you!

Reality is not merely expressing herself through math
but mainly through myth! 

If you're here, it is because you know that there's so much to Astrology than the sun and the moon signs.


If you're here, it is because you've been called by the intelligence of the universe to become an initiate of the entirety of the Sphere – of the science and art of the stars.


You are HERE because you've heard the call! 


When learned and applied correctly, Astrology serves as a catalyst to activate the highest evolutionary potential of your soul.


In order to grasp and apply the scope of such potential, The Foundation Of Heavens offers you the most accessible way to learn, embody and offer the most fascinating symbolic system we have today. 

Astrology  allows the universe to speak to you and gives you permission to be who you are meant to be. 

 You will spend 12 intimate weeks with me – a time of the highest level initiation not only on the Art of Astrology but of your Soul's Actualisation as a student and a teacher of the Art, launching a lifetime of personal and professional Astrological practice. 

In The Foundation Of Heavens Training:


  • You will be initiated into the untold art of Astrology – the most useful frame of reference and symbolic system one can imagine.  

  • You will have the confidence to start professionally interpreting natal charts and hold a powerful space for your clients, awing them with the accuracy of seeing into their souls deeper than their ability to see themselves. 

  • You will unravel the secrets of a successful Astrological career and how to stand out in the field using your own unique chart!

  • You will learn how to employ and embody the greatest forces of the Universe, the living archetypes in your daily life – not in manipulating or attempting to control what is, but in deep attunement to is-ness.


  • You will have the Key to explore the most sacred existential questions, the psychological ones as well as the practical side of life.​

What makes The Foundation Of Heavens so unique and a breakthrough in the Astrological field?

  • The Training is not merely informative but a life initiation into an impactful life that answers your inner calling, makes a difference in the world and creates your most abundant existence.

  • My uncompromising profoundly mystical AND concretely practical and unique way of translating the stars while guiding you home into your being. 

  • My style that integrates traditional Astrology with evolutionary and psychological Astrology allowing you to grasp the wisdom of the old and the new schools of Astrology.

  • These are live sessions allowing you to connect with me in real-time! I'm with you step by step all the way personally assisting you in your most profound Astrological journey and giving you feedback on your progress. 

  • The training is suitable for absolute beginners as well as those who are more acquainted with the Astrological study and are looking to deepen their knowledge and practice. 

  • Live Q&A every month to answer your burning questions. 

  • Connecting to a community of Astrology lovers and expanding your Astrological network.

  • All sessions are recoded and yours indefinitely. 

This Training covers:

  • The Core Foundation of traditional & evolutionary/psychological Astrology & Philosophy

  • The Astronomical implication, The Celestial mechanics & The logic behind the Astrological structure

  • The Various Elements of the Chart: 

The 12 Zodiacal Archetypes.

The Classic and Modern Planets. 

Essential Dignities & Debilities.

Polarities, Elements & Modes.

The Houses and the different house systems. 

The Eclipses, The Lunar Nodes and your Destiny.

  • An Intro into the Aspects 

  • The Intuitive Art of putting it all together and cohesively interpreting any chart

  • The Secrets of a Successful Astrological Career

  • The Art of launching and marketing your business 


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