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About me

Hello, I'm Fida.

I have coached hundreds of people over the years and initiated hundreds of souls into an entirely new way of being. 

I am not here to guide you, I am here to initiate you.
 I will help you fall in love with your uniqueness, embrace your gifts and execute your vocation.
Every human being is born with a unique melody to add to the symphony of life.
My job is to remind you of it.
Your job is to be it.

I currently live in the lush of Bali island. Life smiles at me and I smile back… everydamnday.

But it hasn’t always been this way. 

I was born in Beirut during the civil war in a very conservative and suppressive upbringing.

In that world, women’s truth remained unspoken. They were made to obey a scripted destiny.

Women of that world didn’t build their own temple. Yet I greeted the sanctity in the feminine.

And at a very young age, I rebelled – an act so unheard-of – reclaimed the power of the feminine and the sovereignty of my body, then ventured the earth for a couple of decades deepening my relationship with myself and weeding out some of my ancestral wounds... until Bali took me in.

Today I live a life, not in my wildest dreams could I have formulated. 

I learned that once you purify your heart and touch your inner essence, everything changes. 

You recover from the mundane and live a life of magic. The laws of the Maya become so fragile, so easy to bend. 

Gene Keys and Astrology are the foundation of my life through which I become acquainted with my true Self and sail ecstatically through the outer world.

By understanding my design I empowered myself beyond my wildest dreams and was joyfully put to work for the betterment of humankind. 

Remember, inside of you there are pathways leading back to you.
Understanding your design will undoubtedly change your life like it did to mine.
It will give you the will to act on your most exquisite gifts and the power to carry through. 
I carry the key of Universal Love as my life’s work, I come here to serve you with the Divine Love of my heart.

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