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3-Month Program

You want an impactful life that answers your inner calling, makes a difference in the world and creates a superabundant income.


I cut through the noise and show you how to make it happen.  

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  • If You are someone who deeply desires to bring value to the world and make a difference, even if you’re not clear on your purpose 


  • If You are committed to succeed in the game of life and create superabundance in every aspect of your reality


  • If You are stuck financially OR have created good wealth yet your work doesn’t bring you inner fulfillment

  • If You don’t jump out of your bed every morning eager to start another ecstatic day (yes, you can actually be that person)


  • If You are willing to courageously dive deep and finally have your inner life in exact harmony with your outer life


 You're in the right place! 


I show you the exact steps to anchor your vision of superabundance into reality through a lasting sustainable way. 


We are going deep… because difficulties with money are rarely about the money.  

Turn your genius into a superabundant life 


 Have you ever felt that you are evolving emotionally, mentally and spiritually yet your outer life is still the same? 


 Close the spiritual GAP now! 



I work with you based on your unique design – the synthesis of three of the most outstanding ancient systems – Gene Keys, Astrology and Human Design


Through the sum total of all your charts, We will reveal your personal map – the precise map of how you are genetically designed to reach stellar success in a constantly changing world. 

I will help you move from Vision to executing your Vocation, from hurt to Heart-expansion, from compromise to Superabundance.

Because of this, I highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of this lifetime initiation. 

I see YOU.


Financial freedom, vibrant health, a lucid nurturing relationship, and an impact that will leave a legacy into the world, are ALL your birthrights and are encoded in your DNA screaming to be unleashed.


Answer the inner call to take action. 


You feel the giant in you and it’s time to let it play the big game. 

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You stand on the threshold of such Great Change, you don’t know when it will occur. Yet it seems you hold a deep intuitive knowing that it will. 

This highly personalized program is the embodiment of your higher purpose and the opening of your heart.

We will engage the universe to assist you in unlocking your higher destiny.


This coaching is profound, intense and a life breakthrough.

I will work with you to enter a new evolutionary phase and reach the tipping point, the shocking leap of your consciousness. 


And yes, I will take beyond your comfort zone – to the free-zone of Superabundance. 


We will move your life's work from the linear "expansion-contraction" to Fractal Growth where expansion is all you know. 

And that only occurs when YOU – who is the consciousness of your business – unlock your highest potentials.


As you can sense by now, this will not be an “applying general techniques” program of repeating affirmations and visualizing the desired outcomes. There's nothing wrong with those techniques, except that they don’t apply to everyone as we are designed differently and are non-sustainable.


You want a profound transformation, a sustainable manifestation of your highest destiny that will impact your finances and upgrade your human experience.



I will work with you on your 


  • Outer Activation: The practical steps for an Evolutionary Career and Financial Success


  • Inner Activation: Deep exploration of your Subconscious Reality (that developed during the first 21 years of your life) that are still holding you back


  • Higher Activation:  Make a Difference, Create a Legacy, and Fulfill your Vocation – the reason why you were put on earth.

Work with me over 3 months to enter a whole new level of evolution


You know what I say … if I can do it, so can you! 


I too was once trapped inside of my shell, repeating the same patterns through unfulfilling and even destructive relationships, stuck lacking understanding of my true purpose and vocation in life, and most importantly judging and doubting myself on the regular.


Not until diving into my own design revealed my true nature, my hidden patterns and the ways to break out of them, my life’s purpose, and the essentials for the evolution of my soul, have I fully liberated myself and leapt into the other side – the higher dimensions of daily Bliss. 


​You will

  • Unlock the codon Ring of Prosperity in your DNA.

  • Activate the Money Planetary Triangle in your chart: Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. 

  • Learn about the Elegant Six of the I Ching – the six human wounds and the six Pathways of Vocation.

  • Identify the leaking energy of your Vital Power (the Core Wound) and unlock your Vocation.

  • Align the Vocation and the Spine – Strength and Flexibility: based on the teaching of Kundalini Yoga.

  • Shift to the Sacred Economy – Fractal Growth. Learn about the New Model for Business.

  • Identify the ‘Spiritual Mistake’ with money – Answer the Money Question. 

  • Brand yourself and market TRUTH – the only Product that is.

  • Take the Short-cut to prosperity. The Mystic way of ‘get rich quick’. 

  • Build your Fractal Line, draw your Allies. Finding your Place within the Whole/community.

  • Master The Last Equation - Financial Breakthrough.

  • And Live at your Zenith. 

Your Destiny is calling you back home!

3-Month Program

•  12 weekly sessions, over 3 months, 60 minutes each, via video calls. 

•  Unlimited access with me between calls via private chat for support and text-based coaching.

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