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The Miracle Mind Training 

A Complete and Unparalleled Training on how to permanently access your Miracle Mind

In 4 recorded Sessions, Fida guides you into a complete reverse in thinking and perceiving.

To have a life of miracles is to reverse the thinking

of the world entirely. 

When your mind ceases producing fearful thoughts, it becomes free to produce miraculous thoughts and abide in a world of limitless expansion.


This is true awakening, when you are not bound by the perceptual limitations of linear time, cause and effect, and the identification with the finite. 

Miracles are easy and natural, a result of a True perception.

The miracle mind is your Divine Mind. 

What is inside

  • Session 1 – The Sphere of Attraction in the Gene Keys

  • Session 2 – the Miracle beyond time   

  • Session 3 – What is creating your reality

  • Session 4 – The Miracle Meditation 


* Upon purchasing, you will be immediately redirected to the Course Channel. Plese save the URL of the Channel.

For any questions, please contact us:

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