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Secret Supreme

The 5-week journey that will change your life and unlock the full extent of your potential.


Secret Supreme: 5-week 1-on-1 journey with me

Throughout history, the mightiest empires and most enduring dynasties stood on the shoulders of an Astrological council. The Astrological Oracle, once a privileged secret of the few, now accessible to you.


Your Astrological map holds the key to unlocking your full potential. Yet, most wander through life, oblivious to the power written in their chart. Without harnessing your unique astrological blueprint, your highest aspirations remain just out of reach. No ordinary course, coach, or book offers the unparalleled experience of understanding how you are uniquely crafted to reach the pinnacle of success. 


Secret Supreme will elevate you to a new realm of possibility.


Your destined life can happen in an instant - will you make it happen?

Here's the thing:

Traditional coaching methods, which often amount to little more than a fleeting stimulation of the nervous system, pale in comparison to Secret Supreme's focus on crafting your fate according to your highest blueprint, propelling you to the next level of existence.


Our journey together

is an initiation through deep Astrological epiphanies and predictions, where you will finally be able to relax and rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality consultation and the pinnacle of Astrological guidance.

Ordinary choices lead to ordinary lives. That's just a fact of life. You simply cannot hope for an extraordinary life by taking ordinary paths and making ordinary choices.


You have right now a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a decisive step and radically transform your destiny.


 Imagine the possibilities of having priority access to your astrological Oracle,

leading you to an unprecedented level of success and fulfilment across every facet of your life.

But that’s just the start of what makes the Secret Supreme so potent. The results that await you are beyond belief!


I, your personal mentor, will:


  • Guide you into being in full alignment with your soul's purpose, aligning your life with the ebb and flow of celestial cycles helping you to experience your best year with unshakable confidence.

  • Show you the exact steps to anchor your vision into reality with lasting sustainable results: whether in your relationships, or finances, vocation, body, mind, emotions and spirituality.

  • Guide you to make informed decisions, optimised by highly advanced astrological predictive techniques, revealing your most crucial dates of each month for the upcoming years to take massive action towards your aspirations and dreams.

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind through Hypnotic guided tracks created especially for you. ​​

  • Guide you in creating a legacy, making difference in the world, while fulfilling your vocation and abundant living. 

Because of this, I highly recommend that you give yourself the gift of this lifetime initiation

The path to your soul success is paved by powerful decisions and audacious actions

Our comprehensive journey together will be

an all-encompassing approach in:


  • Unlocking the promise of your natal chart, a veritable map of your personal fate, maximising your own potential

  • Using advanced and complex astrological predictive techniques, therapeutic astrological analysis, and a high level of Astro-magick


  • Distilling your chart to its quintessence, unlocking its nuclear power, and provide you with the most powerful epiphany that can instantly restore balance to your life

I am highly selective in choosing those with whom I will embark on this journey. 

I seek only the highly motivated and determined individuals who are ready to take decisive action towards their aspirations and dreams. 

This is by application only. 

I'll be selecting the clients according to their charts and its compatibility with mine as their mentor, and through the medium of Astro divination, to ensure that our journey together is affirmed by the stars.


If accepted, you will meet with me weekly,

where we will craft your destiny through deep astrological analysis and predictions

and launch your life to its highest summit and your being into its lasting fulfillment.

Note that this is the highest dedication program with my uninterrupted guidance.

The investment is $5500

with flexible payment plans available upon request.


The single investment that will permanently change your life!

Apply below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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