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The Tribe

The Tribe is a dedicated training platform for the sincere yet joyful explorers who wish to divest themselves from the self-imposed limitations and realise the total freedom of who they essentially are and meant to become.


This is an inclusive group community where people gather from all around the world in devotion to Self mastery & Self actualisation. 

Is this you? 

Are you tired of consuming spiritual teachings and self development like intellectual entertainment and ready for the real deal?


Have you exhausted the manifestation techniques of pseudo-spirituality and ready to step into the real and lasting fulfilment? 


Are you ready to raise the bar on who you think you are, release personhood and recognise your Godhood? 


Are you a passionate adept who aspires to be in service by realising your Self and sharing your inexhaustible love and wisdom with our beloved world? 


Are you ready to master transmuting a limited identity into the brilliant wisdom and the perfect flow of your genius? 


You deserve these weekly trainings in your life and the world deserves your most authentic Self. 

The Tribe Teaching will approach you from every possible angle closing the gaps between the intellectual understanding of Self actualisation and the living Self Mastery. 


Through a deep exploration of the Direct Path to the Self and the Metaphysical understanding, you will have the direct experience of being the One Eternal Being, release yourself from the existential crisis that lies at the heart of every aching experience, and shift into an exalted world where you live as a Genius, a Pioneer and a Poet.


 The Individual:

 You will have a complete understanding of your unique Vocation & Purpose in this lifetime through the lens of

the Gene keys, the Human Design & Astrology.

You will move beyond your subconscious defence patterns, understand your purpose, live your calling, unlock your highest potential and be in service of the whole. 


 The Body:

Through powerfully curated guided Mediation Journeys, you will have the experiential knowledge of your True essence, integrate and ground into your physical body and the way you perceive, act and relate, as so to enjoy amazing freedom, health and wellbeing and speed up your awakening. 

The Tribe


is a radical approach, a direct experience and an evolving dialogue designed to re-train your mind, body and soul to see with the eyes of Truth (Oneness) and shift your identity from personhood and its limitation to the One infinite being.  


The Tribe Teaching marries the principle of total liberation with your unique individual expression and celebrates it through a deep dive exploration of your Astrology, Gene keys & Human design charts – your unique genetic blueprint. 


It is one thing to understand psycho-spiritual principles and another thing
to embody eternal joy and universal love 

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What They are saying 

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         Master your Superabundance (397$)

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