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The Awakened Mind Training

No matter how challenging or under-control our life experience is at this very moment,

there’s always a longing to get off the dizzying pendulum of life and have permanent peace

and a prosperous life.

This urge can never leave us until the Self is realised. 


Reclaim your Creator's space where you inherently belong because of who YOU are.

This is a role to be fully accepted and in this acceptance lies your permanent peace and joy.

What is The Tribe?

This is an inclusive group community where people gather from all around the world in devotion to a life of love & legacy. 

The Tribe offers you a complete Unlearning and Re-learning of who you think you are, a Deconstruction of the assumptions of the world, in order to come into the Realisation of the Self. 

This is a practical, direct and grounded approach that uses your unique design, your goals and your relationships and goes beyond their causation in order to permanently alter the way you psychologically see Yourself and the Universe.


Our focus is the experience rather than the conceptual understanding. 

You will break lifetimes' patterns related to ALL seeming problems: love, money, health, purpose and career.

You will shift from a receiver to an active creator of your own reality.

You will learn how to read & integrate your Gene keys & Astrology charts and use your unique blueprint  to FREE yourself from the self-imposed limitations.

The opportunity to come together for this profound experience is a gift for us all and deeply transformative. 

From the comfort of your home, join like-minded community devoted to remember our Divine inheritance. 

Note: Joining the Tribe may result in an outstanding and complete shift in perception and in life. 

Who am I? 


I am your midwife who will assist you in birthing your magnificent self

into the next level of your earthly existence.

I will be there with every push and every breath to make sure the birth is full and competent

as you undergo the most important journey of your life,

where you leave the old behind and drop all the excuses and limiting beliefs and start living at your Zenith –

the highest version of YOU.



Legends are not scarce.

Legends do not shy from their Greatness.

Legends do not make excuses.

Who are you?


You are a legend, the rightful heir of the legacy you're here to leave behind as you live up to your soul’s purpose.


I, as your midwife, will stop at nothing until I witness the remembrance and embodiment

of your true nature.


This is for you if you are ready to massively upgrade your life and be part of a supportive

like-hearted community. 

This is for you if you are tired of re-arranging the figures of the dream 

and are ready to awaken from the spell of separation. 


This is for you if you have a strong call to answer to the correction of your perception of self. 


You are worthy to awaken. You are the One. How can the One not know itself? 


  • The Full Tribe Library


  • Weekly Livestreams – The Awakened Mind Training and a complete Training on how to read & integrate your Gene keys chart

  • Beyond your Design Online Course

  • Access to the Tribe library

  •  Q&A livestreams 

  •  Guided Mediations (Brain hack techniques)

  •  Kundalini Yoga practices (Physical integration)

  • Astrology Forecasts 

  • Special discounts on new courses and life events

  • Access to a private Facebook group – a supportive & safe space for you to grow, succeed and connect.

What People say


"Fida has been my life line through THE MOST difficult time of my life to date. 

Her words and wisdom are truly like medicine.. She helped bring sanity and understanding as to what my soul was wanting me to see and learn through this difficult time. 

If your in a place in your life where you need some clarity on WTF is going on.. or just want to know what your SOUL is here to bring.. Start your journey with this wonderful woman!! 

THANK YOU Fida for the gift of knowing you. I am Forever grateful, Love Rachelle" 

Rachelle Starr


"Working with Fida is like having a cosmic portal in your pocket that gives you access to life’s deepest wisdom in any circumstance I find myself in.

Her transmission is hypnotic and deeply relaxing, and I come out of every session remembering of who I am and why I am here, and a deep trust in life’s perfection. Infinite Gratitude, Kristine."

Kristine Vederhus


"I’m in absolute awe for the magic that has fallen into my life in this last weeks having Fida by my side. One of the best decisions i’ve made was to gift myself the gift of being guided back to myself by this powerful woman. What a needed reset. What you offered me in this training has levelled up my game, it is something i will carry with me always. I feel stronger, clearer, capable and happy like i’ve never been. Thank you Angel for your unparalleled wisdom, generosity and honest love. Sandra"

Sandra Lee


"The fruit is In the journey not in the destination » she said, perfectly describing the quote of my life. 

I endlessly had questions on the reason « I am ». the answer came after I met this being of light who through her poetic language guided me in a contemplative trip of my life, unlocking the magical higher purpose hidden in my being.

The journey with Fida is a breakthrough, highlighting one’s uniqueness and values leading to an uplifting life-changing and valuable experience! Thank you for the key, Rita."

Rita Mitri

Begin your Journey Today

Join a like-hearted community devoted to upgrading their lives!



  • Weekly Live Zoom Sessions

  • Beyond your Design Online Course

  • Access to the Tribe Library

  • Monthly Guided mediations

  • Monthly Kundalini Yoga practices

  • Monthly Astrology forecast

  • Private Facebook Group access 



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