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Hermes Rising

Online Course

Unlock Your Authentic Voice with Astrology, Engage Soulfully, and Turn Followers into Soul-clients

Are You Tired of Being Unheard?

You're here because you've felt the sting of silence, the frustration of your voice buried deep within, yearning to break free.

That powerful, authentic voice of yours isn't lost; it's waiting. Waiting for you to bridge the gap between your hidden talents and the dreams that seem just a whisper away.

You're a creator at heart.
You have the talent, the drive, the brilliance but somehow, your voice is unheard, your vision unseen, your offerings unsold. It's not for lack of effort, no.


You've tried everything, hired the mentor, bought the course, yet you didn’t have your breakthrough. Your true voice remains buried under layers of doubt and conformity. Let's change that.

Enough with the endless cycle of doubt and stagnation!

Isn’t it the time for you to break free from this cycle of self-doubt and stagnation? A psychological loop that’s costing you not just financially, but emotionally too.


Please listen carefully love, because it's time to do it your way and tap into what makes you unique so you can stand out.


What if I told you that the key to your success has been written in the stars all along?

What if astrology, an ancient wisdom as old as time itself, holds the answers you've been searching for?

What if your struggles aren't a matter of effort but alignment?

Introducing Hermes Rising

Introducing Hermes Rising – more than a mere training, it's a revolution, leveraging the power of astrology to uncover your authentic, true voice.


This training transcends traditional approaches, tapping into the brilliance of your astrological makeup to unlock your authentic communication style, elevate your digital presence and skyrocket your business.

In harnessing the power of your Astrological signature, you will:


  • Unlock the Power of your Voice: Communicate your core identity with unmatched clarity and impact. As we unlock the mysteries of your birth chart, experience the shift as your newly refined voice commands attention, sets you apart, and turns passive listeners into soul-clients.


  • Align with the Universe's Cycles: Supercharge your creativity, energy, and speech by syncing with astrological timing. Launch your initiatives and content, when the cosmos aligns in your favor, and watch as this synchronization significantly boosts your visibility, engagement, and success, ensuring your efforts yield maximum impact with minimal resistance.

  • Stand Out Effortlessly in the Marketplace: Unlock the secrets of your astrological chart to position your offerings in a way that speaks directly to the hearts of your audience, ensuring your brand not only stands out but becomes a go-to authority in your field.

  • Learn the Art of Soulful Conversion: Master the creation of offers that resonate with your audience on a deep, soulful level, driving sales and fostering loyal relationships.

  • Put this Knowledge into Practice: With hands-on assignments, learn how to craft content that doesn't just capture attention but psychologically connects and influences your audience on a deeper level. Your words will become sanctuary for those seeking depth, connection and authenticity.

  • Grow Within a Community: Join a supportive online community where you receive guidance from me personally and learn alongside like-minded creators.


  • Receive the Ultimate BONUS: Gain exclusive access to copy-paste ready content examples tailored especially for your astrological makeup


  • Beyond Business – A Journey of Healing: This training is designed to propel your online business to unprecedented success—that's a promise. But its impact reaches deeper. It's about being seen and heard for your unique soul and gifts – a journey of profound healing, one that your inner child will thank you for it. Do not deny them this opportunity.


Hello. I'm Fida. Those who have been following me for a while know that my soul's quest is one of profundity (Pluto in the 1st house!👋🏼); a journey into the abyss and back. We’re talking about a process of death and ecstasy.

As I introduce 'Hermes Rising', I want you to know this: I am inviting you to lay down the burdens of the deep-seated limiting scripts that have been etched into your mind and voice at the feet of your authentic expression.

I’m not merely inviting you to write and speak better and transform audience to soul-clients, that’s a given. We’re going deeper.

This is the moment for you to reclaim the connection with the unfading power residing in your vocal cords, to rise anew from the ashes of your former self.

A time will come when you'll look back with a smile, marveling at the transformation you've experienced. "Why did I linger so long in the shadows?" you'll wonder, but with a heart overflowing with gratitude for the path you’ve chosen.

Claim the voice that the stars have always known was yours.

Why Astrology

Imagine, if astrology can guide emperors and shape empires, what wonders it can do for your content creation and sales conversion! 
Dynasties stood on the shoulders of Astrological councils! When you think about that, mastering your authentic voice and content creation feels like a walk in the park compared to the cosmic power of Astrology.


So YES, mastering the art of unlocking your optimal communication style, crafting potent messages that consistently convert into sales is within your reach, but the key is to learn the process.


So are you willing to stop questioning your worth and your choices and start creating messages from a place of deep alignment and watch as your "buy" button becomes a testament to your success.

Your Time is Now!


For a limited time, gain access to the live training Hermes Rising

 Now for only $299 (value over $1k) 

  • 3 Masterclasses

  • Access to Hermes Rising Book – The Ultimate Guide

  • The 12 steps for Magnetic Messaging PDF

  • Access to a Private Telegram Community for personalized support


This isn't just another training; it's a journey to your true self.

A journey where your inner child rejoices in the fulfillment of your fundamental human right - to be heard, to be seen, to be valued.

Value over $1000

For Only $299

astrology marketing.png

I'm speaking from experience!

Back in 2018, I uncovered my unique signature using these very principles. Since then, I've not only stood out in the social media world but created a thriving business and a community of soul-clients.

My ideal clients will enthusiastically pen testimonials and spread the word about my offerings, without me even having to ask. All because they've experienced the astonishing results of applying my methods. Their sales have soared, and their businesses have flourished.

I've guided numerous individuals to align with their life's mission, connecting them with their destined audience. For there's nothing more soul-crushing than living without purpose.

Now, it's your turn.
This is beyond business; it's about making a positive impact, leaving the world better than you found it. You're here to share your unique gift, and Hermes Rising is here to ensure it's received by the world.

No need to empty your pockets on coaches and courses. What I'm about to teach you is so profound, accessible, and primed to deliver immediate, life-changing results.

Hermes Rising is more than knowledge; it's a revolution for your soul and your voice. It's an invitation to those bold enough to believe in the power of their purpose and the magic of their words.

Your voice is the bridge to your dreams. Let Hermes Rising be the light that guides you across.



“I’m new to Astrology, is this training for me?”:

✅ No problem! Our program is crafted for both the budding novice and the seasoned professional.

“Will it suit my niche?”: 

✅ Hermes Rising is designed to amplify your unique style, ensuring a perfect fit for your niche.

“But my life is Already Hectic!”

✅ I get it. That’s why ‘Hermes Rising’ molds to your schedule, making learning convenient and stress-free. All live sessions will be recorded and added to your course channel.

“I’m disappointed by Past Effort!”

✅ This is an innovative approach that’s nothing like you’ve experienced before.

“I’m budget Tight!”

✅ Investing in yourself shouldn’t cost the earth. This is an incredibly affordable investment!

Join the community where your voice is heard and valued.

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  • Access to the LIVE training -Hermes Rising (value $970)

  • The Ultimate Guide e-book (value $70)

  • Community Support (priceless)

That's a total value of: $1000

  FOR ONLY $299

Don't Miss This Limited-Time Offer!


It's time to stop questioning your worth and start creating from a place of deep alignment.

Upon joining, you will receive a confirmation email with the access details for the Training within 12 hours of your purchase (check your spam folder). If you have any questions, contact us:

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Hermes Rising

Now For ONLY $299

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