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Astrology (Natal + Transit)

Service Description

Each one of us is born with a soul's evolutionary intention that serves a very specific evolutionary destiny. In this session, I use a rare synthesis of the most fascinating ancient systems to reveal the holistic and complete overview of your design and initiate you into the highest version of yourself. You will discover the map of your soul's evolution and the zenith of your individuation with a profound charts reading. Then, we will explore the year ahead and beyond to discover how best to navigate and grow through your unique evolutionary imprint. This session is an initiation and a catalyst towards greater alignment with your essence and the actualisation of your highest potentials. It can be said without exaggeration that never before have we had access to a complete inner map that allows profound insights and revelations into your true nature, mission and life's purpose. For in-person or Western Union payment contact:

  • 330 Dolar Amerika Serikat
  • Zoom Online Meeting

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