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Deep Dive Design

4-week Mentorship + Subconscious reprogramming meditation

Service Description

Become one of the rare beings who are sourced by the most powerful resource of being God in form: The Highest Potential of Your Design.  If life isn’t fully working for you, the chances are you have not yet tapped into the genius of the vehicle (you) nor the power of its maker (also YOU). Unless you become actively self aware of the power and the genius of your design and how to activate it, you will live a mediocre life.  Underneath the mediocrity of the day-to-day conditioned life is hidden the artful beauty of who you are meant to be. In our first two meetings, I distill the ancient teachings of Astrology and The Gene Keys and together we will reveal the blockages, the keys and the zenith of your existence in your direct embodied experience. In the third meeting, I will guide you through a customised subconscious reprogramming meditative journey especially designed for you to breakthrough the limitations according to your own unique psyche.  The fourth week is for integration and text support (via WhatsApp). The Deep Dive Design Journey is the fruit of guiding hundreds of people towards their soul’s evolutionary intentions of this lifetime and beyond.  I’ve watched hundreds of my clients breaking through the stickiest of limiting patterns, the toughest bars of self imprisonment.  I’ve seen tears of joy, of reunion with parts of themselves long ago lost, long ago forgotten.  I’ve stood as a witness to beautiful souls fulfilling their long sought answers for their life’s aching questions on the level of being: becoming the answers.  This is an official invitation to you to step into the brilliant flow of your life aligned with the true blueprint of your soul. In a 4-week journey, I plan to hold your hand and walk you through the best journey of your life to the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for on all possible levels.  All that is needed is your full commitment to yourself.  Are you ready?  3 sessions, 90 minutes each 4 week text-based support 1 customised subconscious reprogramming meditation Book your first session below For a payment plan contact us:

  • 3.000 Dolar Amerika Serikat
  • Zoom Online Meeting

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