The Superabundance Mastery Course



The Vocation in the Gene Keys and beyond

You want an impactful life that answers your inner calling, makes a difference in the world

and creates a superabundant income.


I cut through the noise and show you how to make it happen.  

You feel a call within you, a longing demanding expression. 


You don’t know where it comes from,

yet it is always there knocking on the door of your DNA begging to be unleashed.


And you know you will never be fulfilled,

if you don't answer the call. 




Because the world needs YOUR unique gifts.


Your uniqueness is the missing piece of the cosmic puzzle

that the world will keep demanding.


The world needs YOU 


The real you


Not the "you" compromised by limiting beliefs, 

Not the collection of recycled memories and bad experiences you thought had defined you,

Not the "you" weighed down by fear of the unknown, failure and judgement.


The wholly YOU.

  • You will release guilt, shame, fear of rejection and heal the existential core wound passed down at the moment of conception into your genetic makeup.


  • You will open enough pathways inside your heart that negative patterns no longer dominate your life. 


  • You will step out into the world and successfully share yourself, closing the illusory gap between YOU AND THE WHOLE.


  • You will offer your highest value and therefore receive the highest value – a superabundant life.


  • You will know Divine joy and a profound fulfilment encapsulating your life and those you serve and inspire.

You are born encoded with the inherent right to find your gifts and execute your Vocation, only then you will know your Divine joy of sharing your brilliance with the world.

We stand on the threshold of such Great Change!


Where before we were willing to sacrifice our heart’s desire in the name of survivalism,

today we can no longer ignore our deepest longing. 

 This course is an invitation to give voice to your inner calling. 

 This course is an opportunity to surrender and be possessed by your heart's flame. 

 This course is an invitation to step into your vocation and witness the manifestation of your highest form of prosperity. 

 This course is your map to your superabundance. 

Turn your genius into a superabundant life 

What's inside
  • Session 1 – The law of Superabundance
  • Session 2  – Beyond Manifestation 
  • Session 3 – (Bonus Session) Crash Course: the Gene keys
  • Session 4 –The Core Wound Sphere in the Gene keys 
  • Session 5 – The Core Healing Guided Mediation 
  • Session 6 – The Vocation Sphere in the Gene Keys 
  • Session 7 – The Instrument of Peace
  • Session 8 – Realising the Real
  • Session 9 – Remembering & Eradicating financial struggle 
  • Session 10 – The Pearl Sphere in the Gene Keys
  • Session 11 – Recorded Q&A

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